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That's us! The Mother Daughter Team

-we run the biz and make the "dough!"  

The entire family (including all fellow cookie dough gobblers!)

​​​Priorities: 1. FAMILY   2.  FRIENDS  3. COOKIE DOUGH

Growing up, we realized early on that the cookie dough in the bowl was way more delicious than the finished product! Didn't you? Sure, Mom always limited the licks to whatever tiny morsel might be clinging to the whisk, but we always managed to sneak more! It was JUST. TOO. GOOD.

In our family we would just "dough for it!" And eat the cookie dough raw! Why not? Life's short! ​After all these years, it occurred to us that there must be more cookie dough fanatics like us out there who want to free themselves from the worry of eating raw dough, yet also need the convenience of a delicious serving which they can grab and go.  We thought it would be super fun to combine a bit of nostalgic packaging - the playful push-pop & cup with wooden spoon - with something so darn tasty.  After years of baking simply as a hobby, we decided to make our cookie dough dreams come true and Batter Up Dough on the Go was born!

However, common cookie dough flavors were just not going to cut it. We make an awesome Gluten Free- Vegan CHOCOLATE CHIP, and a chocolate chip peanut butter "MASH UP", and even a yummy cake flavor with sprinkles,  "BIRTHDAY BASH!" Of course Mom's awesome Classic Chocolate chip, 'CHIP CHIP HOORAY," is the original favorite, and ours is made with an extra touch of pure vanilla extract and richer, darker real semi-sweet chocolate chips.

​A Batter Up is the ultimate in tasty treats! We are so excited to offer high quality, preservative-free ingredients which are locally sourced whenever possible.  We use only heat-treated flour, no chemical leaveners, and all our recipes contain NO EGGS.  Batter Up cookie dough gobbling is worry free!

Enjoy all the delicious flavors and have fun devouring your dough on the go!

Dana & Aleah