* Birthday Bash contains natural & artificial flavors & colors in the rainbow sprinkles

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Can I bake the Batter Up cookie dough?
         Our cookie batter is for the ultimate purest in eggless cookie dough devouring!  We use no chemical leaveners or eggs, so it will rise differently if baked.

Are there eggs in the cookie dough?
       All our delicious cookie dough flavors are egg-free and contain heat-treated flour.

What are the allergens?

      Dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat flour​, soy

Where can I buy Batter Up's?
        See our "locate" page, and please check with your local grocery store!  If they don't have 'em, ask for them! We are working on getting Batter Up's in more locations near you.  We welcome suggestions for locations if you have campuses, stores, and eating establishments in mind!

Can I special order Batter Up's for occasions?
       Yes, our cookie dough push-ups are awesome for corporate events, birthdays, Bar Mitsvahs & Bat Mitzvahs, weddings,   grand openings, & other celebrations! 

Do you cater?
       We would be glad to bring Batter Up cookie dough to your special occasion in our fun retro cooler or boxed for you to design your display. Please email us for information.

​How long can the cookie dough last?
       Our cookie dough is made from quality ingredients without preservatives * (yay!), so keep refrigerated and they will be great for up to 3 weeks (I dare you to not gobble it up long before then!), and 3 months in the freezer placed in a sealed bag.

Do you ship?

​       Yes!  Check out our SHOP page.

Are the Batter Up containers BPA free, recyclable, and dishwasher safe?  
       Yes, Yes, Yes!

Nutritional Facts: